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OliveScoop is a UK-based company that is dedicated to providing high-quality cat litter products that meet the needs of both cats and their owners.

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Dust-free, odorless, extra clumping.

OliveScoop Cat Litter


No Dust

No Dust. No Mess. Our cat litter keeps your home and your cat's environment clean and healthy.

Strong Odor Control

Powerful Odour Control. Enjoy a fresh and clean home with our cat litter.

Natural And Healthy

Natural and healthy cat litter for a safe and comfortable environment

High Absorbency

High Absorbency. Keep your cat's litter box fresh and dry with our advanced formula.

Fast Clumbing

Fast clumping action for easy clean-up - try our cat litter today.

Long-lasting freshness

Long-lasting freshness for your cat litter needs.

How To Use?

Check out our guidelines for using OliveScoop cat litter.

Don’t just take our word for it

"OliveScoop's low-dust cat litter is gentle on paws and eco-friendly. Highly recommend for a sustainable and healthy litter solution!"
Alana R.
Happy Client
"Say goodbye to messy and smelly litter boxes with OliveScoop's natural formula. Its strong odor control makes it a top choice for any cat owner.
Ari S.
Happy Client
"OliveScoop's cat litter is highly absorbent, making it a must-have for any cat owner. I love how it keeps my cat's litter box fresh and clean for longer periods!"
Walter w.
Happy Client
"Looking for a natural and effective cat litter? Look no further than OliveScoop! Its high absorbency, low dust, and eco-friendliness make it the perfect choice for any cat owner."
Kirstie N.
Happy Client
Our feline friends deserve to be spoiled today!


Olivescoop is a company that specializes in producing and selling high-quality cat litter.

OliveScoop cat litter is made from natural ingredients and has a no dust formula, strong odour control, high absorbency, and is natural and healthy for your cat.

Yes, OliveScoop cat litter is biodegradable and made from natural and sustainable ingredients.

To cancel your subscription, you can do so after the second payment has been processed. Until that time, you’ll continue to enjoy your subscription benefits. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.

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